A Conversation on the History of Sexology, Pornography, and Knowledge Construction in Archives


This week I am joined by Brian M. Watson to discuss the history of Sexology. Brian is an Archivist-Historian for the Consensual Non-Monogamies taskforce of the American Psychological Association. They also work as a graduate assistant at the Kinsey Institute Library and Special Collections. We discuss their first book, Annals of Pornographie: How Porn Became Bad along with current projects and Brian’s thoughts on Foucault. A fun episode I hope you will enjoy. You can find Brian on Twitter @Brimwats and follow along with their website https://www.brimwats.com . Brian’s book can be found here

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Brian M. Watson
Archivist, Historian, Knowledge Organizer

I’m an archivist, a public historian, an author, a researcher, and a knowledge organizer.