[WIP] Blue Laws, Blue Books: E. Haldeman-Julius & American Sexual Knowledge before Kinsey

a book history-focused paper that examines the underexamined Haldemann-Julius company and their sexological publications.

Rogue Performances: A Review of Abigail De Kosnik’s Rogue Archives: Digital Cultural Memory and Media Fandom

This review, which was originally livetweeted, also considers its own performance, situating Twitter reviews as a continuation of eighteenth-century book culture

[Forthcoming] Mind the Gap: Sexology and Library of Congress Classification of Erotica, Pornography, Families and Children.

Forthcoming article in special issue of Social Text edited by Joan Lubin and Jeanne Vacchario discussing Class H and the placement of Erotica and Children.

[Forthcoming] Utopian Potentiality: Histories of Polyamory and Non-Monogamy

We present the results of an investigation into the biographies, letters and archives of approximately 50 well-known figures in Western intellectual and artistic history in the post-Enlightenment era. In this article, biographies and partners of …

[Under Review] A Finding Aid to the Pornographic Imaginary: Implications of Amateur Classifications on/by reddit’s NSFW 411

A research paper on the development of sexual hierarchal and classification systems on Reddit and elsewhere.

[Under Review] “Stunted even unto Asexuality:” The History and Classification of Asexuality in LCSH

A study of the recent addition of ‘asexuality’ to the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Drawing on historians of sexuality, feminist and asexual theory, and medical scholarship, I argue that this is a grave oversight. Throughout this essay, I …

[WIP] (Trans) Naming

A research article on how libraries and archives have dealt with trans* and crossdressing names, as well as the choice of the author in cataloging individual’s names..

Homosaurus and The Digital Transgender Archive

Ethical Questions in Name Authority Control

A Library Privacy Primer

With her colleague Kathleen Ross, head of technical services at St. John Fisher College’s Lavery Library, Greco presented “Library Confidentiality: Your Privacy is Our Business,” a comprehensive primer on privacy and libraries, at the American …